Monday, September 24, 2012

Applique Onesie Tutorial

It’s football season and that means cheering for our favorite team! Alex and I were born and raised cheese heads so our blood runs green and gold even though we live in Viking country. Of course when Elizabeth arrived she was destined to become a Packer fan from the start and now that it’s football season I decided she needed her own Packer apparel to wear for games.

Instead of going the pre-bought route I decided to see if I could come up with something to make. I’ve made a couple appliqued onesies for her before so I thought going this route would be fun! Of course, if your blood runs different colors you can change it up for your favorite team. If you happen to be a Viking fan, “SKOL Vikings” might be fun for the front. I love using applique on onesies because not only is it beyond easy the finished product is unique and super cute!

Note: I never do anything perfectly so the final product is not perfect. That being said, I tend to like the imperfections … gives the final product character:)

Before you start appliqueing there are a few things you need to gather.

NFL Onesie Tutorial

-a shirt/article of clothing


-fusible web

-either a sewing machine or floss to finish it off

I used this type of fusible web that I found at JoAnn Fabrics:


Next, trace out your design onto the fusible web. Follow the directions…there are 2 pieces of paper stuck together, trace backwards onto the one with the sticky backing.

NFL Onesie Tutorial

Then, cut out your design. Layout the design onto your article of clothing.

NFL Onesie Tutorial

Remove the paper and adhere to the article of clothing.

NFL Onesie TutorialNFL Onesie Tutorial

Iron the design to adhere. 10-20 seconds is good on the cotton setting.

Once the fabric is set on the article of clothing you can either machine stitch around the edge, leave it as is, or hand stitch with floss and an embroidery needle around the edges. It’s up to you. I tend to hand stitch because I like the way the finished product looks but it’s a personal choice. Either way the applique should stay put once washed. I’ve never had an issue!

NFL Onesie Tutorial

Enjoy the finished product and cheering for your home team!

Go Pack Go!

Here’s a view of the back:

NFL Onesie Tutorial

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