Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fall Wardrobe Toddler Style

We’re at that point in time that I've recently begun the hunt for fall and winter clothing for Elizabeth. I don’t know if it’s the push for back to school or if it’s the nesting (probably both) but the poor girl needs some clothing for fall.

While I keep holding out hope for their to be fall clothing at garage sales, it never seems to be the case. And with the types of winters we’ve been having summer clothing can only be mixed and matched so much.

With that in mind, here are some of my favorites for fall/winter for Elizabeth. I tend to shop at a mixture of places for her and try really hard to buy things on sale. That being said, because we are having another girl I’m a little less concerned as I know someone else will be able to wear these things at some point.

Our favorite stores include: Old Navy, Gap, H&M, Mini Boden, and Carters/Oshkosh B’Gosh. I love the quality of Carter’s/OBG, Gap, and Mini Boden and the prices of H&M and Old Navy. You may have noticed that I left out Target…that’s because I don’t necessarily love it. I like the Genuine Kids and Cherokee brands but everything else just hasn’t held up that well for us given the price.

I tend to buy just a couple of each item type, so quality matters, with a few more t-shirts/tops thrown in the mix. We have the Hemnes 3 drawer dresser and it’s always my goal to keep almost all of her clothing contained within two drawers. So far I’ve mastered that as we only have 1 1/2 drawers being used for clothing. That way I keep myself in check, even at garage sales!

My style for Elizabeth, and myself for that matter, leans classic and sporty. This fall, since Elizabeth loves them as well, I’m honing in on dresses. She loves twirling! And seriously I cannot get enough of gingham! As far as shoes, I shoot for an everday pair, tennies, and usually some sort of boot. I picked up some Uggs at a garage sale for $2 so we are set on boots. The other two were purchased when Amazon was having a super sale (tennies) and on the Livie and Luca Resale page on Facebook.

Keeping up with growing toddlers is every mom’s dilemma and that’s true for us too. Elizabeth skipped 2T entirely and is solidly in a 3T. For shoes she jumped sizes this summer and is now in an 8/9 depending on the brand. I keep thinking she’ll plateau for a bit but it doesn’t seem that way!


Mix and match pieces are great…not shown are the couple of sweaters and jeans I picked up on super sale this summer. While I’m still awaiting big sales to purchase any of these, I know I’ll have to start looking soon. Before we know it cooler weather will be here.

Until then, let’s soak in the sun!


  1. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the stroller after #2 arrives. I'm trying to decide what double stroller(s) to get, and the front runners are the Bob and the City Mini. I have a Bob single and love it. I know I won't be running with two, but I will want a good stroller for neighborhood walks, zoo, etc. But I also need something small enough for appointments, quick errands, etc. #1 isn't walking yet, so I don't think a "sit 'n stand" type stroller (as a secondary option to a larger jogger) will really be an option for us.

  2. Hi Stephanie! We actually use this stroller all the time even though the baby isn't here yet and I love it. It's perfect for around town, not too heavy, the canopies are HUGE and it's super easy to fold. While it's not a BOB some of the other features make it a better option for us. Ride is smooth. BRU carries it in most stores if you decide to try it out:) congrats again!

  3. Good to know! Our BRU doesn't carry it, but I'm going to check with a couple local baby boutiques to see if they have one on display.