Saturday, March 16, 2013

thoughts on a Saturday

It’s a beautiful day today and after heading to the gym for some “wake-up-my-body” exercise, I’m ready to seize the day. Any day that the sun is shining bright and the temperatures are above 25 degrees is a good day! We’re hoping to get out and grab a new light fixture for our kitchen and tackle our post-vacation mess of a house.

But I before we do that, I thought I would share some of my thoughts so far today.

1. Elizabeth can squat down from a standing position. This is reason for praise. You see, in the middle of the night, when she stands up we don’t have to go and rescue her in fear that she’ll fall backwards and smack her head. Now she can figure it out all by herself! YES!


2. The running bug has hit me as it does every spring and I’m curious who out there wants to run a half marathon with me this early summer or late summer? I need a partner in crime since my dear husband loathes running and golfs instead. And for you runners, what is your favorite half you’ve run?

3. This year has been good to us and we’re finally making some progress on our house. To be completed in 2013…landscaping our yard and a new kitchen. First on the list, plant peony bushes…my favorite flower of all time! Seriously, can’t wait! More information to come.

4. I’m so excited for Elizabeth’s first birthday. I can’t wait to throw her party for family and a few friends. I’m thinking a strawberry picnic party that will include strawberry picking as a family a week or two beforehand. Seems fitting since we went right before she was born. Can’t believe it’s only a few months away!


5. Celebrating God’s goodness to us and to so many we know who were infertile and are or will soon be holding babies in our hands. It’s been amazing to watch the Lord provide life in His timing to over 15 families we’ve known to be waiting. And twice He’s provided twins. Brings tears to my eyes. He saw, He heard, He answered.

And our pastor just addressed this topic here: Ask Pastor John.

Hope you have a very sunshiny day!

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  1. Praise God for answering the prayers and giving the desire of their hearts to so many families! That is so beautiful to read, I love to hear how God works in the lives of those who love him.

    And I love the strawberry party. Your inspiration board is full of adorable ideas!