Tuesday, March 19, 2013

alter ego (of sorts)

Have you ever googled yourself?

A few years ago after I became a Brogle I thought it might be fun to see if anyone else came up in a Google search with my new name. Interestingly enough, there is an Andrea Brogle who is a photographer in the Chicago area.

You never know when this information will prove to be handy. Over the weekend I found out just how handy this kind of information is.

Saturday I happened to be at the mall and I was hoping to find a swimsuit for Elizabeth at Gymboree. This is the one…

Well they didn’t have her size in the store so they offered to order it for me and have it sent to our house free of shipping. Yes please! Then they asked for my Gymboree loyalty card thing. Well I didn’t have it with me so they had to look me up. Well it turns out the Andrea Brogle in Chicago also has a loyalty card at Gymboree. I’m glad I knew that or they would have deleted all of her information and subbed in mine. The ladies working there got a good kick out of it and we all had a good laugh but isn’t that kind of crazy?

By the way, she takes incredible photos…maybe I should call and book a session? :)

Have you ever been mistaken for another with your same name?


And before I forget, thanks for all the kind words and encouragement from my post on Postpartum. All the kind things really touched my heart:)

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