Monday, January 21, 2013

Florida 2013

We survived!

On Saturday we returned from a very relaxing and enjoyable trip to Florida. Alex and I have been heading down near Tampa for the past 7 years and were very excited to take Elizabeth along on an adventure.

6 nights. 5 bags. 4 flights. 3 rounds of golf. 2 refreshed parents. 1 happy baby.

It was really better than we could have imagined. I think we pictured the worst case scenario knowing anything would be an improvement upon our imaginations and our delightful little girl showed her momma. Seriously I’m thinking maybe we should move there…she napped better, slept better,  and enjoyed herself more.

We left on Sunday morning and I’m sure everyone thought we had some screws loose as we only checked one bag. Alex’s golf clubs. Instead we hauled a car seat bag, a stroller bag, two roll-aboards, and a diaper bag through the airports. And to be honest I don’t think we would have changed a thing. Worked like a charm. Going through security on the other hand was quite the sight!


Of course there were a few hiccups and a few tears (by Elizabeth) along the way but we’re ready and anxious for the next trip in March. Traveling is something we love to do so we’re excited that Elizabeth did so well as we plan to take many trips as a family of 3!

When Alex and I traveled on our own we spent much of our time relaxing by the pool, golfing, and staying VERY low-key. We knew it wouldn’t be hard to have Elizabeth along as our vacation stayed relatively the same, with the exception of an earlier night in. So at night Alex and I either ordered dinner to go or caught up on past seasons of Parenthood which to be honest, isn’t a bad way to spend vacation evenings. I have a post coming with some tips for traveling with a babe but for now it’s all about the pictures!

Our little girl LOVED the water. Not surprising since her momma and daddy love it too but she probably could have spent the entire time getting wrinkly in the pool. She also went on a swing for the first time and visited her first aquarium!



Just looking at these is enough to make me want to jump on a flight back down to tropical weather! Such great memories:)


  1. Those are some EXCELLENT pictures! So very glad you guys had a good time and E traveled well.


  2. Elizabeth looks ADORABLE in her swimsuit and sun hat!! So glad you guys had a great trip! :)