Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Elizabeth – 7 Months

She’s entered the other side of a year. Before we know it she’ll be walking and talking and sleeping through the night:) (knock on wood for the last one!)


I’m fairly certain our baby girl is no longer a newborn. Gone are the days of sleeping most of the day, letting us cuddle her to our hearts content, and being teeny tiny. These days she’s moving around, laughing with glee, and daily stretching our hearts further than we ever thought they could go. I take advantage of every time I can hold her sleeping little self, get her to laugh at my ridiculous antics, and snuggle her close.


Every morning when I hear her waking my heart does a little battle between wanting to sleep and wanting to enjoy our little girl. Thankfully the latter wins and my very favorite time of day is when all three of us enjoy coffee and playtime in the basement before the tasks of the day take over. It was so nice to be away and our trip was sweet for my soul. To get away from the daily grind, get some rest, and take in all the preciousness that Elizabeth is was a special treat. Sometimes a change in scenery can offer new insight and refresh the soul.


This past month Elizabeth has sprouted even more. We’ve seen little glimpses of her personality coming out! So many firsts this month…eating more solids, going on vacation, plane rides, swimming, swinging, first owie and most importantly learning to move. While she’s not crawling forward, she can definitely get where she wants to go. So often we’ll leave her playing (in a safe spot of course) and come back to realize she’s in an entirely different spot. Between rolling, scooting backwards, scooting on her bottom while sitting up and being up on all fours, she’s figured the movement thing out.


Each day that passes, even when the tears are flowing endlessly (like today), I feel so blessed to be a mother. It’s harder than I ever imagined, my selfishness abounds, and I’m clamoring to find my rhythm, but I’m so thankful for Elizabeth. Precious little gift. I can’t believe these days will be over soon and we’ll be on to bigger and better things.

I’m just try to soak it all in!

7 months


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