Monday, December 31, 2012

Elizabeth-6 months

Elizabeth turned 1/2 a year one week ago and I’m still in denial.


These past few weeks have been busy celebrating Christmas and visiting family and Elizabeth has been quite the trooper. The time is flying by and we’ve been busy soaking in as many moments as we can with our little girl. I’ve been trying to just enjoy each day and not rush (though hard with the holidays) in an attempt to soak up this quickly vanishing babyhood.

She LOVED Christmas. More about that in its own post, but seriously this girl LOVED opening presents:) I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing but it made for a very fun and eventful Holiday.


Everyday is a new adventure with this girl who constantly amazes us with her low-key, easygoing demeanor. We’re finally finding our way back to normal after lots of go-with-the-flow. Settling into a somewhat constant pattern is good for me and it seems, good for Elizabeth as well.

Month 6 has been quite the month for our little one. As of today, her top four teeth are soon to be arriving which just amazes me. Our little one seems ahead of the curve on some things and right on track or behind with others. Amazing how each child is completely different! She also began solids (around 5 1/2 months) and to date her favorite seems to be squash. She loves eating…big surprise and gets very excited when we put her into her high chair. Must take after her momma!

As far as development, she’s sitting up and loves to sit in the bathtub. No more laying back for this one. We’ve also found that we can communicate better…when we ask her to do something like put her head back to wash the shampoo out somehow she seems to know what we are talking about and does it most of the time. Obviously not with everything, but it’s quite amazing…to us! She is also on the verge of crawling and we’ve seen her army crawl a handful of times. Not sure we are ready for a mobile baby!

Our days are filled with bouncing, playing, errand running, sleeping, and lots of talking. Still Elizabeth’s favorite sound is that of her sucking in air but she’s added a few new sounds to her repertoire. The latest one is lip-smacking. It’s the sound you make if you are imitating eating to a baby. It’s really cute and she mimics us after we do it. That has been so much fun!



  1. What a sweetheart with her little smile and I love the headband in the first picture!

  2. That first picture is just gorgeous!!! Happy 6 months Elizabeth!!! :)