Monday, December 10, 2012

2012 Holiday Gift Guide

I’ve mentioned here or there before that we’re not huge on gift giving in our house. The last time we actually exchanged gifts was over 7 years ago before we were married. We ended up giving things that weren’t quite right (we were just dating) and besides, who knew that a wallet was such a personal item! So from that point on we just bought each other a new to-go coffee mug together and called it a day. Well now that Elizabeth is here Alex and I had to brainstorm what we would do from here on out. Obviously we want to give her gifts:) But we wondered what she might think if we didn’t receive anything. So we’re starting out as we hope to go on and it can only get better (we hope!) Obviously the focus is not on the gifts, but we’re envisioning that it will be a fun addition to our Christmas traditions. We’re still not certain if we’ll adapt a 3 or 4 gift tradition, we probably will, but for this year we’re just getting our feet wet and relying on our amazon lists to help us through.

Enough about us, I’m here to bring some ideas to the table for great gifts. As of today almost all the gifts are bought and most are wrapped…feeling quite amazed myself, but it took some early brainstorming to come up with some good things. So without further ado, here are some gift ideas for guys, gals, and babes!

For the Guys:


1. Personalized game / 2. Under Armour Long Underwear / 3. Slippers

4. Smartwool Smartphone Gloves / 5. Flashlight / 6. Personalized mug

7. Portable Speaker / 8. Magazine Subscriptions / 9. Smartwool socks


For the gals:


1. Cold Beverage To-Go Mug / 2. Cookbooks / 3. Personalized Necklace

4. Books / 5. New Slippers / 6. Personalized Address Stamp

7. Xyron Machine / 8. Cute Teacup / 9. Home keeping Handbook


For the Babes:

favorites-4 copy

1. Leopard Rocker / 2. Baby legs / 3. Playskool Little People

4. Skwish / 5. Board books / 6. Personalized Great Day Plate

7. Puzzles / 8. Ring Stacker / 9. Blocks


What are some great gift ideas you’ve come up with?

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