Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why Elizabeth?

Evelyn. Elizabeth. Marin. Adelaide. Eloise. Madison. Charlotte. Eleanor. Mae.

Names leading the way throughout the process of naming our girl. Names are far from easy to give. Names have meaning. They identify someone. And usually, there is no changing the name once it has been given.

The question we were asked more than any other once Elizabeth arrived was “why Elizabeth?”

Elizabeth wasn’t even on our radar 3 years ago when we first started trying for babies. In fact, I never even imagined I would have a girl. I spent most of those years narrowing down the list of boy names, certain boys were in our future. And we are pretty set on a boy name if one ever comes our way:) But girls. We spent most of her gestational life mulling over names. It had to be just right.

We had some criteria to help us narrow down the search:

1. Traditional & easy to pronounce & spell (our last name dictated this point)
2. Has nickname potential but we like the given, full name
3. Can stand the test of time…not childish or juvenile
4. Has meaning
5. Not a family name

In the end, Elizabeth was Alex’s choice. When he first shared it with me I prayed for months that I would either come to like it more than the names I picked out or that he would change his mind. Obviously the Lord changed my mind because the couple of months leading up to her birth she was Elizabeth to me. The thing I loved most about the name Elizabeth was how much Alex loved it. And he had his reasons. For these reasons she was given her name…

1. The meaning. Elizabeth means “God’s Promise,” “My God is bountiful/generous,” “God is my oath.” Paired with the meaning of Mae “Gift of God”, from this book, we have a daughter whose name essentially means “God’s Generous gift” which of course she absolutely is!

2. Barrenness. Since we walked this road we felt it fitting that her name be representative of that. Not a requirement just a reason we liked Elizabeth. For biblical Elizabeth was barren just as we were.

3. It fit the criteria above :)

4. Has British ties:) Definitely not necessary but we love that it has a tie to a country we love.

So Elizabeth Mae is not a family name. It’s just a name we happened upon and now happen to love.

I love hearing how parents come to name their kiddos…any criteria you have in naming babies?


  1. Love hearing the reasons.....fabulous. Our MAIN criteria was Biblical. We want to always point our child to their Biblical namesake and draw out Godly, life lessons. And not the most common, given our last name and getting multiple calls for collections on Steve Andersons. We wanted 2 syllable first names, 1 syllable family middle names to go with our 3 syllable last names.

    1. Great reasons! I forgot about the syllable points...Alex did want to make sure her name flowed well:)

  2. Hi Andrea,
    I am a new follower - I found your blog through a comment you left on Elm Street Life. Your little girl is darling, and I love the name. Elizabeth is my middle name too. What a beautiful story behind the name!

    1. Welcome glad you found your way here:) Elizabeth is the best name isn't it:)

  3. Andrea- when I read the name elizabeth on Facebook, I immediately thought of Alex's reason #2 and got happy tears in my eyes. Love it.

  4. LOVE hearing the story behind her name. And WOW - you had some beautiful names to choose from! So cool to see all the reasons your sweet babe became Elizabeth to you:) Hope you guys are doing well!

  5. It's so meaningful to hear the reasons for her name. Glad you shared!