Friday, September 9, 2011

Black Bean & Lime Quinoa

As the days of summer slowly retreat and tongues long for the fruit of autumn, I couldn’t resist sharing this ode to summer side dish.  Talk amongst friends peaked a curious mind to unearth the grain often forgotten in our house.  Quinoa.  A complete protein, with nutty wholesome taste, that takes on the flavors it is combined with.  For us, lime did the trick.

This simple side is so versatile and delicious; you can change up the ingredients to your taste.  Only thing, make sure you add a distinct flavoring for the quinoa to soak up.  Many like to make the quinoa in chicken broth, imparting that taste for a more savory side.  Whereas this dish is rich in lime.  We all know the greatness of lime and cilantro…chipotle rice anyone?  This is similar with just a few more ingredients.  Perfect for a  light lunch or dinner accompaniment.

I sought out fellow bloggers for a how-to on preparing quinoa…looking to these for inspiration:  Our Best Bites and Healthy Tipping Point.

As far as the recipe, the inspiration came from here:  Epicurious.  I followed the dressing exactly and changed up the ingredients more for my taste.  This batch included red pepper, jalapeno, fresh corn, red onion, tomato, black beans, cilantro, salt, pepper, and some garlic.

This is when cooking gets fun…use your imagination!

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