Thursday, April 14, 2016

"If the Lord wills..."

I I can remember the feeling I had in my heart after having gone on a couple of dates with Alex and him sitting with me at Dunn Brothers and saying "I think we should not continue dating."

I probably should have been heart sick or disappointed but instead I said "okay," and later left and called my dear friend. And to her I said, "He's going to change his mind...this is the guy."

I cannot say that the next day he called back with an alternate plan. He didn't. But months later, our paths again crossed and this time, as the Lord willed, we began dating. Not fairytale months of dating. Hard, prayerful, sin exposing and still fun and exciting if that's possible, months off dating. Until we were engaged and then married.

Somehow at that moment, after hearing his words, my heart was certain God would bring us back together.

James 4:13-17 reminds me that our plans are not ours, life is yet for a moment, the Lord holds the details and is totally in control. 

Because today we find ourselves with an answer to prayer that we began praying almost two years ago. Lord, if you will, help us discern where we should be. Whether we move or stay. 

When we started attending our current church it didn't take long for us to fall in love with the people, the teaching, the church. And we began to realize that if we really wanted to invest in the church and send our daughters to some of the charter schools we were looking at, that a move may be in store.

And yet, we just kept plugging along at updating our house. Not knowing where the Lord would have us. Thinking that the best solution was to stay. Pay off our house. Keep driving. We thought our roots were set in place but there was that back of the mind notion of moving that just wouldn't go away.

And here we find ourselves today, having prayed and negotiated and prayed and prayed, with a purchase agreement secured on our house and a soon to be builder agreement for a house much closer to our church and our church family.

I didn't have that same, we will move certainty like I did that I would marry Alex.  But we left the decision up to the Lord and He's shown us that moving is in our 

We can say today, with confidence, that moving, while bittersweet is exactly where the Lord is leading us. And we couldn't be more excited.

Through these years and months of praying and trying to take ourselves out of the equation, we've realized that our house isn't as important as we once thought. We are looking forward to building a house, but it will never be what we've created in our current home. It won't be as custom or as detailed. But it's a home, a beautiful that's finished, that frees our family up to serve and give of our time to others. To our church. To family and friends.

Not to mention we are very excited to have more accessibility to being outdoors as a family. Biking, walking, playing at the park. 

So as the Lord has willed, we will move later this summer from our home in Bloomington where roots were starting to be planted to Victoria where those roots will dig down deep...unless, of course, He wills to move us again. 

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