Tuesday, November 19, 2013

my weekend away

Sunday afternoon I walked in our house around 1:30 pm and was greeted my the best thing my eyes had ever seen.

My husband.

I know I’ve loved him more at other times, but for many reasons, Sunday at 1:30 I loved him so much it felt as though my heart might burst. He had given me the greatest treat; a weekend away with my girlfriends and not only that, but he held down the fort with so much finesse it almost baffled me for a minute.

But then it didn’t. Because I was immediately reminded of all his excellent attributes and any misgivings I may have had easily floated away.

But I may have had a moment of slight panic when he sent this picture of our daughter to me on Saturday afternoon:


It. cracked. me up.

What on earth. Apparently the hardest part of the entire weekend was figuring out what she would wear. Next time I think I’ll just lay the clothes out:)

Daddy and his girl had a great weekend at home running to multiple hardware stores, playing, and working around the house. And while they did that, my book club girls and I had a very life giving and encouraging weekend away up north strengthening our friendships and getting to know one another better. I cannot wait until the next time we can get away…

I am so grateful that I was able to go and more importantly I am grateful for cell phone service and texts because it was my first time away from our baby for an entire weekend. And while it wasn’t sad or painful, I couldn’t hide my excitement to be back home and reunite with my two loves.

I’ve said it before on here but there’s just something about coming home that does our little family in every time.

Home will always have my heart.


  1. What a blessing and a gift to have that time away! Praying you are refreshed.

  2. You should see the "outfits" my husband comes up with when tasked with dressing his daughter. Hilarious.