Saturday, July 21, 2012

Elizabeth week 4

Well, 4 weeks have passed and I’m not quite sure where they went. When I look at Elizabeth I can hardly remember that tiny little baby that arrived just 4 weeks ago. She’s growing up before my eyes and I know Alex and I are soaking it all up! In just 1 day she’ll officially be a month old…seems so surreal—where did the time go?
DSC_0035Illustration #1 that she’s growing up…it’s getting awfully difficult to get her to cooperate for the weekly pic. I’m thinking I ‘m going to have to switch it up a bit for next week! Also this will mark the end of weekly updates…she’ll still make the blog every now and again, but I’ll be tracking her weeks on my own.
This week has been quite interesting to say the least. We’ve had moments of everything; grumpiness, sleepiness, cry fests, gassiness, as well as a happy and content baby. We’re finally starting to figure her out a bit more and I’m sure as soon as I say this she’ll change her ways! We’ve spent the week enjoying some time with Grandma and sadly saying goodbye when she went home, walking, and hanging out at home a bit more.
DSC_0064The one thing we learned this week: how to best get Elizabeth to sleep. At the beginning of the week it seemed she was boycotting sleep in general and getting really mad when she was overtired and now she can’t keep her eyes open! Glad we made some progress here (bassinet was the answer) as we’ve all slept better as a result. Note to self: she HATES being swaddled, unless it’s in a swaddleme and that only works 1/2 the time. I have 2 unused, new woombies, any takers?

Weight: She’s 10.5 pounds! What a chunk:) Last week I was way off as she was just pushing 10 pounds.

Sleep: Like I noted above sleep has been the topic of the week. We finally have a great system down. She sleeps in the bassinet part of her stroller with the white noise machine in there by her head. And she loves to sleep on her side with her lovie blanket by her head. This has allowed us consistent 3-4 hour stretches at night!

Eat: She took another bottle this week right before bed and to be honest, it was fantastic. For the first time in 4 weeks I was able to be free of a baby for 5 straight hours! Not something I want to do all the time, but it was still nice.

Likes: She FINALLY liked bath time. Maybe it’s because Daddy did it? I LOVE watching them do bath time…makes my heart skip a beat. Also loves her lovie and her pacifier. Found her pulling it in and out of her mouth this week!

Dislikes: Being overtired, tummy time (seriously…must keep trying!)

Firsts: hmmm…nothing new here:)

Momma Update: I’m feeling great. After one month of recovery I’m ready for my 6 week appointment as I would love to step up the exercise a bit and just know that everything is as it should be. After one month, I’m down 29 of my 35 pound weight gain but I have about 12 to go. When we got pregnant, I was around 6 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight due to the miscarriages. So whenever I get there is fine by me EVEN if it NEVER happens! I look in the mirror almost every day and LOVE  how I look. I personally think I look better as a mother:) Plus, I honestly can’t imagine being 12 pounds lighter…but I would love if my excessive amount of denim in my closet would FIT! If not, get ready for a big sale on some amazing pieces!

Emotionally good, though some days have been harder than others, but I’m feeling pretty lucky that she’s a pretty good baby and sleeps quite well at night. If I can get in a few 2 1/2 hour stretches, I’m good to go for the day. Being a mom is the only thing after being a wife that I’ve ever wanted to be. In college, my dad would ask what I would want to do afterwards and in my heart the answer was always be a wife and a mother. I can’t imagine doing anything else…though, one day I may be called to do otherwise. But until then, I’m soaking it in and enjoying these moments as a family!

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